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Hmart Smart Card is another way for us to thank you for being our valued customer. We want to reward you each time you shop at Hmart. For every purchase, you’ll earn Smart Card points, which can be redeemed for special gift certificates that are just as good as cash. As a Smart Card member, you’ll receive other exclusive benefits, starting with coupon books in the mail. Don’t wait, start saving SMART today!



How do I register for a Smart Card?



Visit your nearest H Mart Customer Service Center and fill out a simple registration process for a Smart Card. Membership is free and there is no annual fee. After 1 years of inactivity, your Smart Card account will be automatically deleted.



How do I check the number of points on my Smart Card?



Each time you make a purchase, you can earn Smart Card points.


When you earn 1,000 points, you can receive a $10 Reward Certificate that can be used for your next purchase at any Hmart. Please redeem your points at your nearest Customer Service Center.

Go to our homepage and click on the ‘Smart Card’ button located near the top of the website. You can also click the button below for your convenience. You will need the first 11 digits on the back of your Smart Card, your last name, and zip code.




How can I change my Smart Card membership contact information?



Please visit your nearest Hmart Customer Service Center, or simply email us at smart@hmart.com and we will update your information.



I forgot to use my Smart Card! Can I still claim my points?



To claim your points, please bring your original receipt and Smart Card to the Customer Service Center where you made your purchase, within 15 days of your purchase.